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World Statistics

These counters are estimates based on publically available census, economic and historical data from various world sources. They should not be used as documented facts.

The counters on this page are temporarily suspended until a new source code is developed. Apparently, we have improperly used some coding which we believed was public. Values are estimated for Early January 2009.

6,741,647,500 current World population
6,900,000 births this year
330,000 births today
2,950,000 deaths this year
140,000 deaths today
190,000 absolute population growth for today (births minus deaths)
World Economies
3,500,000,000 Govt. expenditures on military this year ($US)
6,000,000,000 Govt. expenditures on education this year ($US)
192 Countries in the United Nations
2,000,000 Automobiles produced in this year
6,000,000 Bicycles produced in this year
10,000,000 Computers sold in this year
Media & Entertainment
50,000 book titles published this year
9,500,000,000 newspapers circulated in this year
1,400,000,000 movie visitors in 2008
22,000,000,000 dollars spent on televisions in 2008
4,200,000 video game consoles purchased in 2008
21,500,000,000 dollars spent on Internet ads in 2008
1,000,000,000 hours of wasted time waiting for internet pages download in 2008
1,600,000,000 total 'wired' persons on the planet
Green Thoughts
600,000 forest loss (hectares) this year
330,000 productive land loss through soil erosion (hectares) this year
1,220,000,000 topsoil erosion from farmlands (metric tons) this year
1,155,000,000 carbon dioxide (co2) emissions (metric tons)
765,000 desert land formed due to mismanagement (acres) this year
30,190,000 miles Earth has traveled in space within our Solar System this year
6,576,960 Earth's weignt in trillion tons
4,500,642,500 age of Earth (years)
170,000,000 lightning strikes to earth this year
6,750,000 tons of live being's biological waste (poo), total
4,740,000 tons of caught fish in this year
250,550 tons of produced food this year
321,700,000 millions of calories, consumed this year
8,630,000 millions of grams of protein consumed in this year
1,000,000,000 overweight people in the world
1,000,000,000 underweight people in the world
125,750,000,000 dollars, spent on diets and weight loss in 2008
615,000,000 produced energy this year1
585,750,000 consumed energy this year2
225,500,000 consumed oil this year3
188,000,000 consumed coal this year4
141,900,000,000 solar energy striking Earth this year5
All figures are measured in metric tons, coal equivalent. At these rates, the world will produce and consume at the following energy levels this year (in metric tons of coal equivalents):
1) Energy Production: 11.9 billion
2) Energy Consumption: 11.2 billion
3) Oil consumption: 4.3 billion
4) Coal Consumption: 4.3 billion
5) Solar Energy Striking the Earth's Surface: 2,700 billion
Amazon Deals
700,000 deaths caused by communicable diseases this year
570,000 deaths of children under 5 this year
32,500 deaths of mothers during birth this year
30,160,000 are HIV-infected
6,480,000 deaths caused by HIV (total)
150,000 deaths caused by cancer this year
52,000 deaths caused by malaria this year
325,000 deaths caused by smoking this year
286,000 millions of cigarettes produced this year
1,000 deaths caused by pesticides this year
815,000 babies who have been born by teenagers in this year
62,000,000,000 Global gov. spending on health care ($US) this year
25,000,000,000 World spending on illegal drugs ($US) this year
7,000,000,000 U.S. spending on alcohol and tobacco ($US) this year
250,000,000 U.S. spending on perfume ($US) this year
55,000 Automobile accident fatalities this year

Most Deadly Disasters in Recent History
deaths where when event
3,700,000  China 1931 Flood
2,000,000  China 1887 Flood, Yellow River
1,500,000  India 1942 Drought
830,000  Shaanxi, China 1976 Earthquake (7.5)
500,000  India 1966 Drought
500,000  Bangladesh 1970 Wind Storm (Bahola Cyclone)
300,000  Ethiopia, Africa 1984 Drought
284,000  Southeast Asia 2004 Tsunami from Earthquake (9.3)
255,000  China 1976 Earthquake
200,000  China 1927 Earthquake (8.3)
143,000  Tokyo, Japan 1923 Earthquake (7.9)
138,866  Bangladesh 1991 Wind Storm (Cyclone)
110,000  Ashgabat, Turkmenistan 1948 Earthquake (7.3)
75,000  Messina, Italy 1908 Earthquake (6.9)
70,000  Gansu, China 1932 Earthquake (7.6)
66,700  Peru 1970 Earthquake (8.0)
50,000  Iran 1990 Earthquake 7.9
30,000  Martinique 1902 Volcano, Mt. Pelee
30,000  Turkey 1939 Earthquake 7.7
21,800  Colombia 1985 Volcano, Nevado del Ruiz
12,000  Soviet Union 1949 Landslide
5,000  Italy    79 Volcano, Mt. Vesuvius
Updated Feb 2008 sources: Wikipedia, disastercenter
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